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All features, content, specifications, products and prices of products and services described or represented on are subject to change at any time without notice.

Certain weights, similar measurements and similar descriptions are approximate and are provided for customer convenience purposes only. makes all reasonable efforts to correctly display the attributes of our products. The inclusion of products or services on this Website at any given time does not imply or guarantee that such products or services will be available at all times.

It is your responsibility to determine compliance with all national laws (including minimum age requirements) regarding the possession, use and sale of any items purchased from this Website. By placing an order, you undertake that the ordered products will be used only in accordance with established laws.

Delivery Policy

The delivery of the products purchased on the Site will be made at the address of MCV Comercial S.A. located at the intersection of Vía Blanca and Vía Monumental, Berroa, Habana del Este Municipality, Havana Province, Cuba, from Monday to Friday between 08:30 AM and 03:30 PM. Or at the client's home if they paid for the service also from Monday to Friday.

Delivery times

Products that have been confirmed on the Website as available in stock will have a delivery time of 1 business day from confirmation of payment in the case of delivery at our headquarters and 3 business days in the case of home delivery. the client's.

In the event that you want genuine Mercedes Benz parts, or if the products you request are not available in stock at the time of configuring your order, you must first contact our corresponding commercial specialist and inform the VIN of your vehicle, in order to request an offer. and sign it giving your username. In such cases, if the specialist confirms that the products are available in stock, the delivery time in the previous paragraph will apply, otherwise the delivery time specified in the offer will apply.

The hours for telephone and in-person attention are the same as those established for delivery. The contact details are those reported on the Site. Failing that, you can use the following:

Telephones: Blackboard: (+53) 77929700-09 Direct: (+53) 77929880

Policy for receipt of products

Deliveries are made personally. The buyer (customer) may previously specify an alternative name and identity number authorizing another person to receive the products at the delivery location, in case of impossibility to travel to the latter.

To collect the products, the customer must show the corresponding Purchase Confirmation.

The recipient must inspect the merchandise together with the seller at the time of delivery. In case of differences between the merchandise to be received and what was requested when making the purchase on the Website, differences in quantities, differences between the merchandise to be received and the invoice, damage or defects in the merchandise, the recipient may refuse to receive them and The seller will have the obligation to deliver them in accordance with the order placed on the Site.

The delivery of the products will be credited with the corresponding invoice. Once it is signed and accepted by the recipient, no claims will be accepted except for hidden defects or defects and warranty, according to the conditions established here.

This Website reserves the right to modify this Delivery Policy at its discretion or against any customer who is deemed to have misused it. Any revision or change will be binding, contractual and effective immediately upon posting.

You agree that you will periodically review this WEBSITE, including the current version of our Delivery Policy. It is your obligation to review it to detect any changes or revisions.

Replacement and refund policy.

Acceptance of products.

All orders are processed immediately after they are placed. Once recipients accept the products and sign the invoice, the value of the products is non-refundable unless damage, imperfections or breakages are covered by the product manufacturer's warranty.

Warranty, replacement and refund.

During the warranty period reported for each product on the Website, the seller will replace those that present hidden defects that prevent the products from being used for their intended use, at no additional cost to the customer. The warranty only covers hidden defects and manufacturing defects of the product itself, it does not cover defects caused by poor handling or improper use.